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Embrace the Benefits of Yoga

We are so glad you’re here! De Barra Health and Fitness believes that Yoga is an important step on the path to wellness, both physically and emotionally. . Browse below to learn more about our Online Yoga Studio with a library of recorded Yoga classes for you to enjoy when it suits you.

We also run outdoor Yoga sessions at different beautiful locations throughout the year. 



De Barra Health and Fitness is determined to make the benefits of Yoga accessible to all. By using an online forum we are able to keep the price down and remove barriers around the accessibility of Yoga. 

Megan the lead instructor of De Barra Health and Fitness is trained in the Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin disciplines of Yoga. Megan is passionate about creating a safe space for Yogi's to look within and connect with their body. 


Online Yoga Studio which you can access at anytime. Vinyasa and Yin Yoga for all levels. 
Relax, recharge and take care of your body with a library of recorded classes you can access at anytime. 

Outdoor Yoga in stunning locations. Check out where we are next. 

Yoga Child's Pose


Four new Vinyasa Yoga classes and 1 new Yin Yoga and Meditation will be uploaded each month. Vinyasa Yoga is great for the bodies overall  fitness, toning the body but more importantly connecting with the self. Yin Yoga is a relaxing practice where we hold the poses for up to 5 minutes to allow a deep stretch into the facia of the body. All Yogi's will also have lifetime access to our library of class recordings to enjoy when it suits them. All you need is an email and a smart phone to enjoy. Beginners encouraged. This subscription is a great tool to start a daily Yoga Practice. 

Yoga Class


We run a variety of different outdoor Yoga Events in beautiful locations throughout the country. Check out the link below for upcoming events.  

Upward Facing Dog


De Barra Health and Fitness offer free workshops for Charity and Non for Profit Organisations. These workshops can be offered in person or online. Our goal is to make Yoga's Benefits accessible for all. 


I do Yoga twice a week with Megan and I look forward to every class. As a Yoga newbie Megan is great at explaining the moves in detail without losing the flow of the class and giving options for all abilities. I've definitely noticed my flexibility improving and couldn't recommend Megan's classes enough.

Tara Homer

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